Since it’s been a while, I would like to acknowledge these great role playing partners. Please do not feel offended that you may not be on here. If I could, I would put everyone. This is mostly to acknowledge those who I recommend highly for you to follow. Course, this is based on my opinion and their role playing skills being worth to interact with. As usual, I will give out recommendations to follow the role play family I come from as well as from the P4 fandom and other fandoms. Before I begin, I wanted to thank everyone for their support and for giving me the opportunity to have interacted with them and may have also become close in real life. (Despite the cute and adorable titles a lot of you are giving me, I still love you all)  

Screw putting this until Friday — I can put follow forevers whenever I want.

A Family Worth Seeking [ER Members] —

          elusiverose ; two-handed-lobo ; cynicalacolyte ; black-bladed ; xfrigus ; xprofeta ; airstepper ; xptimist ; disputationix ; erkiengill ; sstraydog ; sollertis ; lambencies ; keyblxde ; fracione ; busui ; calisvol ; sensei-nise

A Place For Me To Stay [Persona 4] —

          insidious—fool ; ginsekai ; orbofsight ; steakexual ; cherrylippedsnowblack ; unconquerable-prince ; igneusfloresvirent ; cityboygonecountry ; animanlycrackers ; foggiest-idea ; heartofthemagician ; thesilverfool ; textsfromkatsuragi

A New Opportunity [Other Fandoms] —

          glassmemoir ; foolisharcanum ; ludificor ; opscoenus ; decipitur ; reaper-of-vengeance ; observantxguardianaxe ; serpentcide ; ouroboros-civettuola ; usohebi ; angeliclibretto ; imperatrice-rouge ; legendasalvatoris ; untamedprince ; destiniesforevertwined

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01. From Shadows